Flight TrainingI provide training, retails sales, repair service, and consulting services for drone operators and businesses. Titletown Drones was created to fill a need in the rapidly growing drone industry. There are thousands of people engaged in aerial photography works but there is little support for them.

Consumer drones have flooded the market  and so has the need for maintenance and repairs. Drone manufacturer’s have been flooded with repairs and are are backed up 6-8 weeks. I can repair your drone locally in a fraction of the time with factory new parts.

Thousands of people are buying drones with the intention of taking aerial photographs and video. Newcomers to the hobby are learning that drones can be a little more challenging to fly than they thought. My flight training can help you prevent accidents which could result in property damage or worse, personal injury. There have also been several new legal developments that you should know about before flying your drone.  My training will help you have a safe, legal and fun experience.

The founder of Titletown Drones, Bill Bongle is a retired police Captain, 29-year police veteran and technology consultant. He specializes in repairing and flying experiential remote controlled aircraft. In 2013 Bill founded the Green Bay Area Drone User Group which has grown to over 200 members. He was a presenter at the International Police Innovation Conference in Cambridge, MA speaking on the benefits of drones for public safety. He has delivered training on drones for hundreds of public safety professionals. Bill has been a public safety trainer for the last 15 years and a presenter at conferences throughout the U.S. and the U.K.

Titletown Drones is based in Suamico, just north of Green Bay, WI.