Map your land!

Would you like a more detailed view of your land? How about an aerial map? While planning your fall hunt wouldn’t it be nice to have something much more detailed than Google Maps or Google Earth?  We can create an up-to-date, highly detailed aerial map that can provide a level of detail you cannot get any other way. Reveal trails, bedding areas, watering holes, food plots, streams, migratory paths and other features that are not visible from the ground.

An aerial map provides much greater detail than a panoramic photo.  This is accomplished by using a drone to take hundreds of images of a predefined area. The drone is autonomously piloted with the use of sophisticated software which precisely executes the mapping mission. As the drone flies over your property taking photos, each photo is embedded with GPS data. At the conclusion of the flight the photos are uploaded to a server where they are analyzed and assembled into one contiguous image. This image is called an orthomosaic map. You will then be provided a high quality aerial map of your land. 

How much does it cost?

Mapping services are not cheap but you can take advantage of discount pricing for a limited time. For the next month, Titletown Drones is offering special pricing on mapping land parcels up to 200 acres. You can receive a highly detailed map within days of booking your project for half the usual price.  See an example here. 

<120 Acres: $349
120 to 200 Acres: $399

Fall Special ends November 20th.

If you would like more information or would like to book your mapping mission, please fill out the contact information below.