Remote Pilot in Command: Part 107 Test Prep

This program has been specifically designed for first responders who are working to integrate drones into their operations. The “Remote Pilot in Command” training course is the first step in getting your program off the ground. This training will help you prepare for and pass the FAA’s written exam which is required to obtain the Remote Pilot Airman Certificate. This is the credential you’ll need to legally operate an unmanned aircraft for any purpose other than recreational. This course will teach you the rules of airspace, aerodynamics, aircraft maintenance, emergency procedures and the principles of unmanned aviation. You will also be trained in the applicable state and federal laws, best practices, policies, and how to gain community support.

Who should attend this training?

  • First responders
  • Police 
  • Firefighters
  • GIS Specialists
  • Conservation Wardens

Topics Covered

  • Aircraft Loading and Aerodynamics  
  • Airspace and Sectional Charts 
  • Applying for Waivers 
  • Avoiding Common Mistakes, Coping with In-flight Emergencies 
  • Conducting a Pre-flight Inspection  
  • FAA Part 107 regulations 
  • Local and State Drone Laws 
  • Overview of the FAA licensing process; what to expect

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