DJI Mini 2 Tactical Scout

Complete kit $738.00. Public safety agencies contact me at to place an order. Provide your official government tax exempt certificate to avoid paying sales tax.

The DJI Mini 2 is an ideal drone for indoor searches and room clearing. When outfitted with propeller cages and the Firehouse Technologies lighting system, the Mini 2 is an inexpensive and effective solution for indoor flights. The Mini 2 is equipped with downward looking optical sensors which provide the drone stability even in indoor, GPS denied environments. The video transmission system is DJI’s Ocusync 2 which has great penetration through most structures. This is a very good improvement over the 1st generation Mavic Mini which used a WiFi based system. Your drone pilot could be safely located in your mobile command post or a squad car while piloting the drone.

Without the downward facing lights the Mini 2 will bounce off the walls but with the lights its flight performance is rock solid. I’ve tested this in the Nerd Center at Titletown Drones HQ. The Mini 2 comes with 3 batteries and a charging bank. When flying without the cages the drone is rated at 30 min flight times. This will be reduced to about 18 min when adding the additional weight and drag of the cages and the lights.