Aerial Mapping Services

Titletown Drones offers a variety of drone mapping services. We can provide high resolution orthomosiac maps, volumetric measurements, and calculate surface areas. The results are viewable on nearly any PC, Mac or tablet equipped with an Internet browser. Our pilots are FAA certified, insured and experienced. 

Volumetric Measurements

We can calculate the amount of material in stockpiles quickly and accurately. The volume measurement service we provide is the most efficient and cost effective method to determine the quantity of materials in your stockpiles. Our volume measurements are accurate within 1-2% of
traditional ground-based laser measurements.

How does drone mapping work?

This is accomplished by using a drone to take hundreds of images of a predefined area. The drone is autonomously piloted with the use of sophisticated software which precisely executes the mapping mission. The drone will take hundreds of high resolution photos, each one embedded with GPS data. At the conclusion of the flight the photos are uploaded to a server where they are analyzed and assembled into one contiguous image. This image is called an orthomosaic map. As a client you would be provided a highly detailed map in standard file formats such as GeoTIFF, JPEG and PDF. 

The GeoTIFF file retains geographical information that was recorded when the photos were taken, making it possible to identify the exact location of features and details on the map.  It is also possible to utilize web based tools to measure the distance between points and create annotations. You can import the GeoTiff file into standard tools like Arcmap, allowing you to view and and overlay the image onto ArcGIS systems.

Using Orthomosiac maps to assist in wetland delineation

Wetland delineators can expedite their work by using high resolution aerial maps to refine their analysis. If you are conducting this sort of analysis, you’ll detect ares of interest more easily. This will allow you to assess land more quickly and more efficiently. Aerial maps can provide valuable information in addition to your ground level analysis.

Aerial maps can be used to assess crop health.

Services include:

  • Aerial mapping
  • Construction site progress
  • Volumetric measurements
  • Precision agriculture
  • 3D modeling of structures


  • Client access to web based maps and data
  • Downloadable formats include GEOTIFF, JPEG and PDF

If you are interested in more information about aerial mapping services, please complete
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