JZ T60 Searchlight for DJI M30

If you’re looking to add a powerful searchlight to your DJI M30 the T60 from JZ is a greta choice. The T60 searchlight attaches to the M30 with a quick release bracket, allowing you to easily remove it for transport. The light is synchronized with he camera allowing you to keep the illuminate the camera field of view. The 8,000 lumen focussed beam is more powerful than other popular lighting solutions. If you don’t have a need for a speaker the T60 is the best choice.

I decided to carry JZ products after obtaining a sample to test. I was very impressed with the quality and performance. I only sell products that I am able to test myself. Titletown Drones is an authorized US dealer for JZ products. My company is located in NE Wisconsin. In stock items ship within 1 business day.

If you wish to order this light contact me at: info@titletowndrones.com or call 920-619-4164