Titletown Drones LLC provides training, retail sales, and consulting services for private, commercial and public safety drone operators.  The company was created to fill a need in the rapidly growing drone industry. There are thousands of people interested in flying drones for personal or commercial use, but there is very little support for them. Our goal is to fill that gap and provide outstanding training programs to help people embrace this technology.

The founder of Titletown Drones, Bill Bongle is a 29 year police veteran and technology consultant, rising to the rank of Captain before retiring from the Green Bay Police Department in 2015.

Bill’s unique blend of training in public safety, computer forensics and interest in aviation drew him to the world of drones.  He provides flight training, repair and consulting services for drone operators. Bill has conducted extensive research on this evolving technology which includes: applications for public safety, the legal issues surrounding the use of drones, investigating drone related incidents and collecting forensic evidence from drones. He has worked closely with the FAA and legal analysts to develop a training program geared specifically for commercial drone operators, municipal governments and public safety agencies. In 2013 Bill founded the Green Bay Area Drone User Group which has grown to over 300 members.

Bill holds a bachelor’s degree from Concordia University and was certified as a computer forensic examiner by IACIS. He has been a public safety trainer for the last 18 years and a sought after presenter at conferences throughout the U.S. and the U.K. He lives in NE Wisconsin with his wife of 34 years.

Contact Information:
Email: info@TitletownDrones.com
Phone: 920-619-4164
Website: www.TitletownDrones.com

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