Update 11/09/23: Attention owners of the CZI LP12. There is an issue with a recent firmware update to the DJI M30T and the CZI LP12. This incompatibility issue is causing the LP12 to disconnect and corrupt its firmware. Users are reporting a write protect error when attempting the update.

I am working to find a solution to this problem. I will post updates here as I get them.

I found this response from a CZI rep:

Hi, For those czi LP12 does not have the “write protected” problem yet, please upgrade it to the newest firmware on our website: Searchlight & Broadcasting System-Download ( to avoid this problem happen. Thanks and have a nice day.

if your LP12 has met “write protected” problem, pls drop mail to our technical support

There is an alternative method of updating the firmware through the DJI Assistant software. If you use this method, you must first download the assistant software from DJI.

Connect your computer to the M30T data port on the top of the drone with the USB-C cable supplied with your M30T. The data port is the opposite connector from your PSDK port.

Connect the LP12 to the drone. Power on the drone, the remote. Start the DJI assistant software.

If things are working correctly, you can update the firmware through the assistant software interface.

CZI LP12 Searchlight/Speaker Combo (firmware update procedure through the micro SD port)

Here is the manufacturer’s website with their latest updates:

  1. Make sure the DJI M30 aircraft is on the latest firmware.
  2. Disconnect the LP12 from the PSDK port on the M30 drone.
  3. Download the firmware for the CZI LP12 from this link: The latest version as of 11-05-23 is
  4. Connect the camera by the Micro USB to a computer (DO NOT power the searchlight from the drone). 
  5. Once your PC recognizes it as an external drive then delete the existing .bin file from the device.
  6. Copy the “.BIN” file your downloaded from CZI’s website to the ROOT of the LP12 drive.
  7. You may remove the searchlight from the PC and then connect the searchlight to the drone PSDK port on the M30 aircraft and turn it on. The update can take up to 3 minutes. It will play a sound letting you know that it is performing an update and then once it is done it will tell you that PSDK is connected.

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