Ruggedized Sunlight Readable Monitors

Titletown Drones is an authorized dealer for Xenarc Technologies ruggedized monitors

A sunlight readable monitor is a great addition to your drone operations. An external monitor can improve your success by allowing you to broadcast video from your drone to a larger display, providing you and your ground crew with a better view.

These monitors are ruggedized, water resistant and readable in direct sunlight. Display brightness is measured in NITS. Most TV’s and computer monitors are between 200 and 300 NITs and they perform poorly in outdoor environments. These High Brightness monitors are rated at 1,000 NITs and are a better solution than standard computer monitors or flat screen TVs.

I have tested various monitors and settled on these high quality monitors form Xenarc Technologies. Xenarc is a US based distributor who backs up their monitors with a 3 year warranty. Xenarc monitors are manufactured in Taiwan and supported by US dealers.

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