Flight Training for Commercial Operators

If you or your company are using a drone for commercial purposes, this program has been designed specifically for you.  Passing the Part 107 exam does not fully prepare you for flight operations.  I’ve designed a 1-day course to get you and your pilots up to speed in the most recent regulations and build their skills with hands-on experience.

Why Drones Crash; Malfunctions and Inflight Emergencies

  • Review of the most common errors that lead to fly-away, crashes, injury and property damage
  • How to recover from common malfunctions such as lost video, broken control link, GPS outages and compass errors
  • Crash avoidance and understanding pilot perception; making the transition between first person view (FPV) and line of sight (LOS) flying

Preflight Preparation, Mission Planning

  • Conducting preflight inspections
  • Checking airspace
  • How to apply for FAA authorization in controlled airspace
  • Hazard detection, mitigating risk
  • Creating a flight log
  • Weather minimums

Piloting an Unmanned Aircraft

The student pilot will develop their skills and operate the remote aircraft in an outdoor environment under the direct supervision of a flight instructor. The student will master a series of flight maneuvers and learn how to recover from malfunctions.

Aerial Photography Techniques

Review of optimal camera settings and techniques for capturing stunning video and photos. We will capture photos in the field and process them in the classroom. The student will gain a basic understanding of post production and use of some of the industry’s most popular tools.  

Advance Flight Functions

The student pilot will learn how to access the advanced flight functions such as point of interest, waypoints, follow me, and hyper-lapse. 

Course Details:

The student pilot can train on their own equipment. If desired, the student pilot can use our DJI Inspire 1, Phantom 4 Pro, Mavic 2 Pro  or Spark.

Session length: 4 to 8 hours, depending on client preference

Number of pilots: 1 to 8

Training location: Classroom; client’s place of business. A location for the flight training will be selected in the greater Green Bay area or area proximate to client. 

Training date: To be determined upon mutual agreement with the client and Titletown Drones LLC. Scheduling of flight training is subject to weather.

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