Autel Evo 2 Enterprise

Autel Robotics has announced the release of the new Autel Evo 2 Enterprise series (version. 2). The Enterprise drones are equipped with a smart controller, swappable accessories including a searchlight, speaker, strobe and an optional RTK module. Each of these systems includes a ruggedized case. There are 3 versions available: the Pro 6K, the 640T (Infiray) Radiometric Thermal and the Dual (FLIR) Radiometric bundle. See pricing below.

Here are a few new updates to the Evo 2 Enterprise over the previous Evo 2:

  • Improved video transmission system, dual band 2.4 and 5.8 ghz
  • Swappable accessories, searchlight, speaker and strobe
  • Addition of an ADSB receiver. This allows you to detect manned aircraft in your area.
  • Upgraded motors and larger propellers. This will increase flight time to up to 42 minutes and increase payload capacity.
  • Upgraded carbon fiber arms for increased strength and durability.

Titletown Drones is authorized dealer, owned by Bill Bongle, a retired police captain. I serve public safety agencies and commercial clients throughout the US.


What’s the difference between the 640T (Infiray) Radiometric and the Dual (FLIR) Radiometric and which is the best choice for me?

The 640T infiray is built using a thermal sensor manufactured by a Chinese company Infiray.  The FLIR thermal sensor is manufactured in the USA.  The drones and their other components are all made in China however Autel is a US based company. Their HQ is in Washington state.

Some users require the FLIR for different reasons.  Some prefer it because it is US technology. FLIR offers their own software suite to analyze thermal images. This is called FLIR tools. It is primarily used in the commercial and inspection industries therefor people who are certified thermographers, i.e. trained in the use of FLIR imaging systems and FLIR tools may opt for the FLIR branded sensor. Public safety agencies don’t usually have this requirement. Autel offers its own software analysis tool that is compatible with the Infiray sensor. Some federal agencies opt for the FLIR because it is US made.

Now for the real question, is one going to produce better results than the other? If your application is public safety, the answers is no. Both sensors will produce nearly identical results.  Some public safety folks believe the Infiray is slightly better, providing more contrast.

If you had specific reasons like those previously mentioned, the FLIR may be your best option. If not, the 640T Infiray is a more economical choice. So far every public safety agency I have worked with is satisfied with the 640T. This is the unit I evaluated in the video below, comparing it to the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced.  Considering this package is $9,200 vs the FLIR being $12,300 its a pretty easy choice, as long as you don’t have other reasons you need the FLIR.

To clarify, both packages are identical in every other way.  The camera is often referred to a a dual sensor, the thermal sensor we talked about and an optical sensor which is an excellent camera.  You have the ability to view the thermal camera in full screen, Picture in Picture or switch to full optical.  

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Video: Comparison of the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced and the Autel Evo 2 Enterprise 640T.

Video: Unboxing and Walkthrough

Firmware update process

Sample images captured with the Autel Evo 2 Enterprise 640T


The new Autel Smart Controller is also included. The 2000 NIT Screen allows you to see your display in full sunlight.

The Evo 2 Enterprise will also be equipped with an ADSB receiver so you can detect and monitor the position of manned aircraft.


  • When will these be shipping?
    • All units are currently available and ready to ship as of 12/09/21.
  • What is included in each bundle?
    • See below
  • Will the RTK module be a separate version or a module added to this one?
    • It is an add-on module that can be purchased separately. It is $625.00
  • Are the drones V1 or V2?

Pricing Information:

Autel Evo 2 Pro 6k Enterprise Bundle: $4,250.00

Autel Evo 2 640T (Infiray) Enterprise Bundle: $9,200.00

*This is the unit I am recommending to public safety agencies.

Autel Evo 2 Dual (FLIR) Radiometric Enterprise Bundle: $12,300

This is the unit I recommend for industrial applications who require an American made sensor and reports compiled with FLIR tools software.

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