CZI LP12 Searchlight Speaker for DJI M30

The CZI LP12 is an add on accessory for the DJI M30 series aircraft. In 2023 this was one of the most popular lighting solutions for the DJI M30T. Unfortunately I have discontinued carrying this item due to problems with reliability and service. In October of 2023 many of my customers experienced equipment failure with the LP12. It was odd that so many were affected in a short amount of time. I concluded this problem was related to a conflict between CZI’s firmware and a recent firmware update DJI pushed out to the M30. The conflict caused the LP12 to disconnect form the M30T. Customers reported the PSDK interface disappeared and the light stopped responding to control inputs. The LP12 was “bricked”. I alerted the manufacturer and in a few days they published s firmware update that supposed to prevent future incidents but results were mixed. Many of us dealers received multiple inquiries from owners of the LP12. A couple of weeks later reps from CZI advised us to send any affected units back to the manufacturer in China for repair. I have sent them several for repair.

In order to minimize any inconvenience to my customers I took care of the entire warranty process for them. The repairs process has been taking as much as 8 weeks. The timing could not have been worse because the failure happened right at the beginning of deer season. Many had purchased the LP12 for deer recovery.

Fortunately over the summer I began to look for other lighting options. I identified another lighting company, JZ, which produces lights and other accessories for DJI Enterprise drones. I received some samples and was impressed with the results so I began to carry a full line of JZ lighting products.

The video below explains the nature of the problem and offers a preventative measure to help prevent bricking your LP12.

For those czi LP12 does not have the “write protected” problem yet, please upgrade it to the newest firmware on our website: Searchlight & Broadcasting System-Download ( to avoid this problem happen. Thanks and have a nice day.

if your LP12 has met “write protected” problem, pls drop mail to our technical support

There is an alternative method of updating the firmware through the DJI Assistant software. If you use this method, you must first download the assistant software from DJI.

Connect your computer to the M30T data port on the top of the drone with the USB-C cable supplied with your M30T. The data port is the opposite connector from your PSDK port. 

Connect the LP12 to the drone. Power on the drone, the remote. Start the DJI assistant software.

If things are working correctly, you can update the firmware through the assistant software interface.

See my video demonstration here:

You can order the CZI LP12 from Titletown Drones, an authorized dealer. Just contact me by completing the form below for an official quote or to place an order.


CZI LP12 Searchlight/Speaker Combo (firmware update procedure)

  1. Make sure the DJI M30 aircraft is on the latest firmware.
  2. Disconnect the LP12 from the PSDK port on the M30 drone.
  3. Download the firmware for the CZI LP12 from this link: The latest version I have is V03.01.03.08
  4. Connect the camera by the Micro USB to a computer (DO NOT power the searchlight from the drone). 
  5. Once your PC recognizes it as an external drive then move the “.BIN” file to the ROOT of the drive. If there is another version of the firmware on the root drive you can erase that.
  6. You may remove the searchlight from the PC and then connect the searchlight to the drone PSDK port on the M30 aircraft and turn it on. It will play a sound letting you know that it is performing an update and then once it is done it will tell you that PSDK is connected.