Flight Training for Recreational Pilots

You’ve made a significant investment in a drone but do you have the skills to avoid an accident? Maybe Drone training 1byou’ve read about fly-aways but do you know how to prevent it from happening to you? Are you familiar with the laws and regulations which determine when and where you can operate your drone? I’ll teach you how to fly your drone safely, achieve great results and stay out of trouble. Even if you’ve never flown a drone before I’ll get you in the air in one day!

This training will teach you:

  • How to set up and calibrate the most popular consumer drones including the DJI Mavic, Inspire 1, Phantom 3 and 4
  • How to update the firmware on the aircraft and remote
  • Explain and demonstrate the control interface App and optimal settings
  • Camera function and settings
  • How to avoid common mistakes that lead to fly-aways, crashes, injury and property damage
  • A review of the local, state and federal laws regulating drones
  • Determining your location and if you are required to notify an airport or air traffic control before flying
  • Techniques for capturing great photos and videos
  • Flight Simulator training
  • Hands-on flight training where you will pilot your drone on your first solo mission and take your first “dronie” photo

I’ll provide you with course materials, a pre-flight checklist, and a sample flight log.

Contact me to set up your personal training session.

Personal Drone Training Session: $200 /  4 hours

If you are already a drone operator and want to build your skills I can offer enhanced flight training.

Hourly Rate:  $50/ hour

Phone: 920-619-4164

What my clients are saying

“Bill is a true enthusiast and professional.  The details that were provided in Bill’s class went far beyond what you could find on the internet. The class provided us with the ability to configure our drone, the knowledge of how to lawfully operate, and the confidence to fly on our own.”
– The Geiger’s

“The training I received was professional in every way. Bill knows the ins and outs of flying a sUAV and is always following up on the changing rules and regulations with drones.” –Mark Bayerl

“Coverage of the current drone regulations, flight fundamentals, and flight safety guidelines was very comprehensive.”
–John Meinke

“Bill provided me the necessary training to have a successful first flight of my new DJI Phantom 4 drone. You will leave with an understanding of your aircraft, safety and regulations. I’m glad I didn’t open the box and walk outside and just fly it.  This training was essential for me to have confidence to fly the Phantom 4 safely. Also, Bill is a great guy.”
-Art Vyse

After receiving a Phantom Drone for a Christmas gift (and subsequently crashing it), I took a lesson at Titletown Drones after he repaired my drone. What a wonderful investment to learn how to use my drone and the many bells and whistles that adorn it.
Bill not only helped me to understand drone regulations and laws, but also spent quality time with me on a simulator using a drone handset. I was able to hone my skills in about an hour where I was feeling somewhat comfortable. This simulator training was invaluable!

The next step was my drone flight, with Bill by my side, practicing the skills I was taught. I am thrilled to say that I have no fear of flying my drone, and would HIGHLY recommend his training to anyone new to “droning” or who wants to further their skills.
Drones are not cheap….Do yourself a favor and learn what your drone can do by visiting Titletown Drones. Absolutely worth every cent! And, if you have an unfortunate accident…..Bill is your guy for repairs as well!
-Diane Galow Hertel

Last week I had the pleasure of attending a personal, one on one training class conducted by Bill Bongle of Titletown Drones.  Having flown my DJI Phantom 3 only a couple times in the past, this class gave me the confidence to continue exploring this exciting hobby.  The best part about this training is that it was designed specifically to fit my needs.  Bill Bongle instructed me on the most recent state and federal laws, taught me to avoid the most common mistakes, and showed me how to update my drones firmware.  After challenging and testing my skills on a flight simulator, we went to a flying field and I was able to practice my new skills on my own Phantom 3.  In Closing,  I highly recommend Bill Bongle and Titletown Drones for your training and drone repairs.

Jim Korth, Retired Chief of Police.