Search for Samantha Sayers

Samantha Sayers missing since August 1st

Samantha Sayers went on a day-hike to Vesper Peak on August 1st, 2018, with the plan to return to cell service at 6pm. She did not make it back to her vehicle at the Sunrise Mine Trailhead and a missing persons report was subsequently filed.

Cell phone pings were recorded near the summit of Vesper Peak, and an eye-witness had lunch with her at the summit around 12pm. You can find the most current map of areas searched by the Snohomish County Sheriffs Office, Search and Rescue teams, and volunteer hikers/climbers here.

Full details about Samantha Sayers disappearance

News Stories about Samantha Sayers

News story about my efforts to help (09-10-18)

Huffington Post 08-29-18

My involvement in the search

I was requested to join a team of volunteers funded by a non-profit organization who helps families like the Sayers in finding their missing loved one. The foundation who organized my trip, (who would like to remain anonymous), has a Wisconsin connection; an experienced search coordinator. The search coordinator reached out to me. 

On September 5th, I arrived in Seattle and joined the members of our team. Two experienced dog handlers and their scent discriminating canines, another canine handler who would serve as a scout, the search coordinator and the founder of the foundation which brought us all together.  On day one I was joined by Steve Monchak, a volunteer and accomplished drone pilot who has logged many hours flying his drone in search of Samantha. We were dropped in the bed of Vesper Lake and conducted drone flights most of the day. We brought a generator to charge batteries and increase flight time. 

On day 2, I was dropped closer to the peak. This gave me a better vantage point allowing me to reach the valley between Vesper Peak and Morning Star.  Steve came up with the idea of crowd sourcing to enlist the aid of the public in examining the numerous photos and videos. I also did and experiment by trying to pull the photos into my mapping software so we could get a better idea what areas have already been flown.


Open the links to the photos and videos below.  If you detect an object, color, shape or anything that merits further attention, please complete the form at the bottom of the page.  Please keep in mind that these photos were taken anywhere from 200 to 500 feet away from the surface. It may be difficult for you to gauge the size of an object as you won’t have  a scale to compare it. 

What to look for:

Clothing: Green Sports Bra, Grey Workout Pants, and REI Boots. Hoodie (unsure of color, believed to be earth toned/maroon),

Hiking pole (red or silver) Backpack is blue with a bit of black, grey, and orange on the side and straps

View Photos and Video from my drone search on 09-06 and 09-07-18

Google Drive Link (Bill Bongle)

Google Drive Link (Steve Monchak)

Drone Deploy Maps

Grid 1

Grid 2

Grid 3

Grid 4

If you detect shapes, colors or objects that you believe merit further examination, please submit your findings here: