Introduction to Drones-Public Safety

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Is your agency interested in starting a drone program but you’re not sure where to start?  This training will introduce you to the world of drones, help you to understand the complicated regulations and gain a better understanding of the technology.  If your agency is contemplating using a drone, if you want to be prepared to investigate citizen complaints, this training will provide you the information you need.

Target Audience:

Public Safety (Police, Fire, Rescue, Emergency Government), Economic Development, Municipal Government, Risk Managers, Parks Departments, Department Heads, Legal Departments.

Program Format:

This presentation is available as a conference presentation. The program length will be tailored to fit your agenda. The program is also available as a 4 or 8 hour classroom session. Longer sessions include more detail and live demonstrations.

Program Highlights

Introduction to Drones

  • The fundamentals of unmanned flight
  • Overview of current technology, capabilities and trends
  • Thermal cameras explained
  • Overview of FAA rules for recreational, commercial and government operations
  • Practical applications for village/municipal government, police, fire, rescue and emergency government

Establishing a Drone Program

  • Pilot certification process explained (Part 107)
  • Policy development and best practices
  • Choosing the right equipment and setting a budget
  • Mitigating public opposition; balancing privacy concerns with public safety

Emergency Drone Operations

  • Use of drones during the pandemic and social unrest of 2020
  • New technologies and the future of drones in public safety

The last year has been one of the most dangerous times in history for first responders.  As public safety agencies across the nation face the demands of the pandemic and social unrest, drones have proven to be a valuable asset. The presenter will discuss the use of drones during the pandemic and the roll they played during the riots of 2020.  He will discuss new technologies, improvements in thermal imaging and other trends in the drone industry such as data security and the impact of the trade dispute with China.

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