Introduction to Drones-Public Safety

Next Class: Wednesday, April 16, 2020 (Waukesha Technical College)
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Is your agency interested in starting a drone program but you’re not sure where to start?  This training will introduce you to the world of drones, help you to understand the complicated regulations and gain a better understanding of the technology.  If your agency is contemplating using a drone, if you want to be prepared to investigate citizen complaints, this training will provide you the information you need.

Target Audience:

Public Safety (Police, Fire, Rescue, Emergency Government), Economic Development, Municipal Government, Risk Managers, Parks Departments, Department Heads, Legal Departments.

Program Format:

This presentation is available as a conference presentation. The program length will be tailored to fit your agenda. The program is also available as a 4 or 8 hour classroom session. Longer sessions include more detail and live demonstrations.

Program Highlights

Introduction to Drones

  • The fundamentals of unmanned flight
  • Overview of current technology, capabilities and trends
  • Thermal cameras explained
  • FAA rules for recreational, commercial and government operations
  • Demonstration of the latest equipment
  • Drone countermeasures and protecting against rouge drones
  • Practical applications for village/municipal government, police, fire, rescue and emergency government
  • How public safety agencies are using aerial mapping for accident reconstruction and documenting crime scenes

Establishing a Drone Program

  • Overview of the FAA’s requirements and how to obtain approval for your drone program
  • Pilot certification process explained (Part 107)
  • Review of the FAA Reauthorization Act of 2018 and the impact on unmanned aircraft
  • Policy development and best practices
  • Choosing the right equipment and setting a budget
  • Mitigating public opposition; balancing privacy concerns with public safety

Investigating Drone Related Incidents

  • Case studies of incidents involving drones
  • Privacy issues and case law regarding surveillance from the air
  • Defining local law enforcement’s role in regulating drone use
  • Knowing when to intervene and recognizing legitimate use
  • Collecting and interpreting electronic evidence from drones
  • How and when to contact the FAA
  • Online resources

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